Hi! These are our founders, Jeff Gaspin and Jon Klein. They first met 20 years ago while pioneering reality television at NBC and CBS, respectively. They were ahead of the curve then, and they’ve stayed there – helping to usher in the era of online video, and now focusing on media’s fast developing next frontier: streaming subscription television.

Digital media enables stars to reach their biggest fans directly on a smartphone or tablet – eliminating the network, studio, and cable system middlemen. Plummeting production costs mean that subscription channels built around ultra-niche personalities and their super-fans can become highly profitable in a very short time.

We’ve already partnered with some of the country’s biggest names and brands launching subscription channels from Atlanta to Alaska, Texas to New York!

For personalities, we supply soup-to-nuts service – creating and producing their channels, distributing them over the Web and on apps, handling the marketing, and managing the back-end technology, payment processing, and generating big data troves about viewer behavior. For consumers, we’re making a fantasy come true: the chance to watch micro-channels built around their interests and their idols.

For the television industry as we know it today, it’s a major disruption. Just as reality TV and online video were when Jeff and Jon blazed those trails.

Check out our channels and reach out to say hello here!

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